Handmade boxes for your most precious memories. I now have different types of boxes in the collection.
I have chosen to build up a box in a very special manner. This method is laborious, but that gets you (in my opinion) a much nicer and more solid box.

So, boxes handmade by my are:

  • manufactured with traditional methods.
  • lined with beautiful (vintage) high quality materials.
  • strong, very strong!!
  • customised to your colors and requirements.
  • built with a special wing construction (for extra high strength) and all joints are even more lined with thin cardboard.
  • extensively sanded before they are lined.
  • lined from one big piece of material, so no seams are visible making the box even more stronger.
  • dried under pressure after each stage in production.

The smallest box in the bindery, the ring box:

Box with seperate lid:

Stacking box (multiple layers): I am currently not taking orders for stacking boxes. 

Clam shell box: I am currently not taking orders for clam shell boxes. 

Neck box I am currently not taking orders for neck boxes. 


Box with seperate lid I am currently not taking orders for boxes with seperate lid. 


If you want to have a customized box made to your wishes, please contact me. Click here for a first price indication.

Photo credits for all photos on this pahe: photographer Yvette Moeskops


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